Greece  is a  modern, tradition-conscious, many-sided wine country

    Greece  is a modern and at the same time very traditional country of wine with reputation to be the cradle of European viticulture. Due to the ten wine-growing areas spread over different geographical and climatic locations the versatility of styles and types of grapes is excellent. Some of the products are very modern and internationally oriented, however many of them are cultivated intentionally in a traditional way.

    Thanks to huge number of dedicated and outstanding oenolgists and culturally-rooted science of wine growing Greece, hardly ever achieved by anybody else,  managed to create a successful blend of tradition and modernity as well as autochthonous and international grape varieties.3 er gwp Medaillen 2017 en
    No doubt, these genuine products deserve more significant appreciation in Germany and other European countries.

    The excellent quality of Greek wine is not much known in the German speaking countries except for few famous names. WINE System AG arranged the PAR Greek Wine Award 2017 in order to support wine growers and the promotion of their products and to offer an orientation guide for Greek wines to retailers and wine enthusiasts. This event took place for the seventh time.

    The tasting was proceeded according to the internationally accepted PAR-method. This system ensures independent assessment. The results are transparently and comprehensibly documentable. This system demonstrates easily understood the final result as a composition of individual criteria. The tasting pays special attention to the autochthonous grape varieties from Greece.

    To the results 2017

    NEW * Please note:
    From 2017 onwards, PAR Wine Award Greece will be part of PAR Wine Award International!
    Register now to be part of this exciting wine challenge, where some of the oldest wine nations of the world present their produce. Here we go - PAR Wine Award International 2017 - tasting on the 16th and 17th of November 2017.

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