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Greek wines continue on their rise toward German and international recognition

Frasdorf, February 2014 - The "Greek wine award", which makes Greek wine with its autochthonous varietals more readily accessible to German winelovers, in its fourth occurrence has again revealed the incredible variety of wines from Hellas.

Greek wine export to Germany is in a difficult phase. Nevertheless, following intensive discussions with the winemakers locally and at visits to local trade fairs, WINE System AG was able to initiate the Greek wine award for its fourth year. Thanks also go to the wine importers that support the competition and keep their winemakers informed about the importance of the competition.

The winemakers have realized how necessary it is to demonstrate perseverance; they appreciate the professional PAR tasting, and many have repeatedly participated with their wines. No easy task at a time in which the Greek economy and financial strength have not yet recovered from the downslide.

This year's results also reflect the diverse characteristics of the wines according to growing region. From the cold north to sunny Crete - "cool climate - hot climate"- is the experts' catchphrase, since especially the climate has an enormous impact on the wine.

The results are impressive: 2x Grand Gold - 17 Gold - 25 Silver.

And the surprise: A sweet wine and a rosé achieved 96 PAR points each and thus were awarded Grand Gold. The Samos Nectar 2010 from Muscat Blanc à Peti from the Union of Winemaking Cooperatives of Samos impressed the tasters with its combination of spicy and balsamic aromas and fruity ripe dried fruit aromatics. A must for all fans of excellent dessert wines.

From Crete the rosé: Pink NOSTOS 2013, submitted by the Manousakis Winery. More of a red wine than a rosé, modern with exotic fruity aromas, but also floral and spicy, very complex.

And one other rosé wine from Crete achieved top ranking: Efivos 2013 by Nikos Gavalas with 95 PAR points. A complex wine with impressive astringency and dense minerality. As one of the tasters said, great stuff .

93 PAR points were achieved by the red wine Evharis Ktima Red 2008 from the Domaine Evharis - Central Greece. Flavors of cassis, cherry, and dark chocolate characterize this modern red wine at an international level.

The two best white wines come from the island of Crete:

Xandakas-Candia 2013 and Kariki 2013, both from the Alexakis Winery, were awarded PAR 92 points each.

Awards with very good to excellent results! And then what?

How does the winemaker benefit from the PAR tasting method? Based on the evaluations, small weaknesses are exposed, and often only minimal change is necessary to position it for export and the opening of the international market. Often there are only minor details that need changing. WINE System AG is also available with their services for the winemakers after the competition and advises them in the vineyard and wine cellar.

Martin Darting, inventor of the PAR tasting method in an interview: "Much can often be achieved with small changes. Many wines could have thus made the leap from silver to gold."

Striking in 2014 are the perfectly crafted wines that do not follow today's mainstream, but rather honor their origins. By contrast, there are also the modern wines, with very fruity, exotic aromas. Thus a broad mix for every taste.

The organizer is satisfied with the results: A wide assortment, super quality, variety, and uniqueness.

The stage is set, but the consumption of Greek wines still falls short in the German-speaking countries.

WINE System AG will therefore in future increase efforts to promote awareness of Greek wine. A start has been made with the Greek wine award in its 4th year. The goals are set high for 2015: The number of participating wines should to increase to provide an as countrywide as possible portfolio of Greek winemakers to choose from.

The wide range of Greek gastronomy in our countries confirms how well-liked the culinary lifestyle from Hellas with its culinary highlights is in the German-speaking world, but unfortunately the quality of the wines accompanying the food often leaves much to be desired. The results of the Greek wine award support restaurateurs in the selection of good quality wines for their wine lists.

Greek wines in the wine trade: Here too, unfortunately, too few and far between, due to insufficient demand. With the PAR results, the market and consumers now have a detailed basis for selecting the right wine.

By now the wine connoisseur knows that Greek wines are not always sweet and tasting of resin. Travelers to Greece delight in fascinating wines while on holidays, but cannot enjoy the memory of the vacation, because these particular wines are not available at home. There are still too many who, at the topic of Greek wine, only shrug their shoulders.

Linking information, events in German-speaking countries, tastings and wine seminars, as well as trips to the producers are planned for the future to further promote the level of awareness.

Greek wine is making good progress toward surmounting all these hurdles. Join us in the future at a wide variety of activities and discover, as we have, your love for the libation of the wine god Dionysus.

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More information about the services offered by WINE System AG and about PAR® methodology can be found at www.winesystem.info .

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